Facebook has announced that it’s on the final leg of its Timeline roll-out. For the last month the company has given users the option to switch over to the new profile interface, but over the next few weeks everyone will get Timeline.

Previously, users interested in Timeline had to get it themselves as Facebook didn’t want to push it too hard. According to the social network, everyone will get the new interface over the next few weeks.

Users can still switch over to Timeline now by visiting the Introducing Timeline page and clicking on “Get Timeline.” Those that prefer to wait will soon see an announcement at the top of their profile prompting the change.

Facebook Timeline makes it easier for users to travel back through posts – which normally disappeared off the Wall after a certain amount of time or activity. Now posts from previous months and years are easily accessible.

Once an individual gets Timeline, he or she will have seven days to preview what’s there and hide anything they don’t want others to see. To prevent a post from appearing, click the pencil to hide, delete, or edit that post. Users can also use the privacy drop-down to change who can see individual posts.

There’s still no word on when Timeline will be made available for Facebook Pages. However, now that the new interface has been made available to the entire user base, it’s fair to assume that Pages are next in line.

[Image credit: Scott Beale/Laughing Squid]