Facebook continues making minor tweaks to its design nearly two weeks after the launch of Timeline for Pages. The latest update aims to help Page owners accurately detail the history of their organization or business through milestones.

Unlike Profiles — which start with an individual’s birth date — Pages have more than one way to describe their beginning. In addition to “founded,” “started,” and “opened,” Facebook has added “created,” and “launched.”

For many, this won’t change a thing, but depending on the type of business, you might want to update your wording. For example, restaurants might want to use “opened” instead of “launched.” Again, it’s a personal preference, but it’s nice to have options.

Additionally, the process of adding tab applications to your Page is now a lot easier. Facebook has added an “Add App to Page” link, which can be found in the gear menu on App Pages. This could be a major time saver for anyone managing multiple Pages.

These updates aren’t meant to add to your Timeline checklist, but rather help to make the process go more smoothly. There’s a good amount of preparation that goes into switching over to Timeline, but hopefully you’ll find that it’s worth it.

[Image credit: wxwhyz]