Earlier this summer Facebook announced its plans to roll out Timeline, a more visual version of the old Facebook profile. After months of waiting the new Timeline is available everywhere.

The new interface will allow individuals to easily browse through the history of activity on Facebook and it has a much stronger focus on important moments in a person’s life. Going back in time, the company will summarize most events so only the most important will be displayed.

Timeline will replace the old profile, but all photos, videos, and updates will be there. After an individual upgrades to Timeline, he or she will have seven days to review everything that appears on it. The user can publish his or her Timeline any time during the review process. The new profile will automatically go live after seven days if he or she decides to wait.

With the roll out of Timeline, Facebook is also introducing another tool called Activity Log – a place where individuals can review all posts and activity made on the social network. Only that person can view his or her Activity Log; it’s hidden from visitors.

To get Timeline today, visit the Introducing Timeline page and click “Get It Now,” or wait until an announcement appears at the top of profiles. Timeline is also available on Android and m.facebook.com.

At this time, Facebook hasn’t revealed if Timeline will be available for Facebook Pages. However, celebrities and public figures can begin utilizing this new feature.

[Image credit: Mario Klingermann]