Facebook is dividing the News Feed into lists – similar to what Google+ has done with Circles – in an effort to make content within them more relevant.

The social network has begun testing Smart Lists, which will automatically categorize your friends into one of three lists: people you work with, people you attended school with, and people who live within 50 miles of you.

Additionally Facebook is also testing list filters, which act as a quick way to organize friends so you can control what you see in your feed. These filters include close friends, acquaintances, and restricted for those you never want to share with.

Friends lists has always been a feature, but have been used by less than 5% of the user base. “Feed filters make it easy to see a selected set of friend’s updates in one place and share exclusive with them,” states Facebook’s guide to the new feature.

Recently Facebook made some updates to its privacy controls and changed the way you tag friends and locations through a status update. The new list filters will also be accessible within the status update box.

The ability to share more relevant content with the appropriate groups might change the experience of some on Facebook. Moving forward it could be beneficial to let people create custom Smart Lists. It will be interesting to watch how these lists evolve and what affect, if any, the new changes will have on businesses.

[Via: Mashable, Image credit: iGEM]