As Facebook’s f8 developer conference nears rumors are afloat suggesting that the social network will announce a major redesign with a focus on consuming content. The idea of this isn’t too far fetched considering the company has been rolling out design and feature updates over the past month.

As Facebook tries to compete with Google+ it’s necessary that the social network starts adding some media elements. Trending platforms like GetGlue, Spotify, and Tumblr demonstrate that people love sharing what’s being consumed.

Currently there aren’t many details about the redesign, but Mashable reports that the profile changes will be part of a wider launch that will include a music and media platform.

TechCrunch reported that there will be three new buttons added to News Feeds: read, listened, and watched. Facebook has been focused on personal interactions for a long time, but the addition of these buttons imply that the company is ready to take on media sharing.

One thing that Google+ is struggling with is pulling in communities. It’s still necessary to update Twitter or your Facebook Wall because not everyone is there yet. Facebook has an advantage since its already has more than 750 million active users.

It will be interesting to watch how the social network integrates these elements into its platform. While sites already exist for you to curate content and check in to your favorite TV show, will the ability to do so from a single platform pull you away from the networks you’ve built elsewhere?

Facebook still hasn’t commented about any of the changes, but we’ll keep you updated about Thursday’s big launch at f8.

[Image credit: GOIABA]