Social media has given consumers a place to talk publicly about your product or company. While some focus on detailing recent customer service experiences, others prefer to share offers and accolades received from their favorite brands. As marketers, it’s likely that you’ve come to rely on that word-of-mouth recommendation to reach potential customers and  increase sales.

Facebook in particular makes it extremely easy for members to share their opinions with friends, even outside of using status updates. For example, small actions such as Liking a Facebook Page are now prominently displayed in friends’ News Feeds. This serves as a good reminder to ensure your cover photos are vibrant and engaging. Even high scores, challenging workouts, and other Open Graph activities are receiving notable placement.

Although less direct than an explicit recommendation, these stories are still able to influence other consumers on the social network. But how likely are these posts to influence the purchasing behavior of your target audience? PPC Associates put together an infographic that offers a demographic breakdown of just how important friends’ Facebook recommendations can be.

[Via: PPC Associates, Image credit: Kris Krug]