Facebook Places will be removed from Facebook’s mobile app, but the social network isn’t giving up on location-based services.

The idea that Facebook is discontinuing its Places feature has been heavily reported. Though it’s updating many of its features including Places and Deals, neither is completely disappearing. Facebook is removing its mobile-only check-in option.

Instead you can add locations to your status update through tagging. This transition is important to note because location is required for Check-In Deals, which are continuing. However, the daily deals feature that was intended to compete with Groupon is being discontinued.

Check-In Deals allow you to setup discounts to offer in exchange customers checking in to your store. Instead of going to a separate screen to check in, he or she is now able to add a location right from his or her status update. It’s still unclear how deals will be presented to people who check into locations.

Earlier this summer Facebook tied corporate Pages to the Pages of individual stores, which will allow companies to define a number of Places as “children” of a “parent” Facebook Page. As a small business owner, you are still able to claim an unclaimed place Page if it has the same name as your business. Any and all duplicate place Pages should be claimed to hep Facebook clean up its database.

These actions were taken in an effort to fully integrate geolocation services into Facebook’s core experience. Businesses relying on the social network for location-based marketing campaigns need not worry.

[Image credit: Inha Leex Hale]