Facebook Pages haven’t been the focus of many of the social network’s latest updates, but the company recently rolled out a small change that will have a large impact on Page admins.

Facebook has removed the limitation on its username service making it possible to get a vanity URL at any time.

Previously a Facebook Page needed at least 25 Likes before you could reserve your vanity URL. A vanity URL is a custom URL that replaces the random numbers and letters with your brand’s name, making it easier to remember and share.

Both profiles and Pages can take advantage of the unique URL; however, once created it cannot be changed or transferred.

It seems Facebook quietly removed the limitation for its username service a couple weeks ago – a YouTube user first noticed the change. The company’s FAQ still states that users need 25 Likes to register the vanity URL, but it has been tested and it still appears that the limitation has been removed.

This change is beneficial to existing Page admins that might have a small number of Likes. Additionally this will enable brands to instantly share new Pages without having to share an ugly link – which not only makes it more memorable to you, but to your community.

[Via: The Next Web, Image credit: Mike King]