More than four months have passed since Facebook introduced Timeline for Pages on desktop. Now, the social network is bringing the revamped design to mobile.

Timeline for personal Profiles rolled out around the same time it launched on desktop, sticking businesses with the old school version. Now, when your fan’s visit your Page on their mobile device they will see your cover photo, a fresh About section, and a larger Like button.

Individuals will also have an easier time navigating to other areas of your Page thanks to smaller icons below the Like button. For example, a fan can check out more of your photos or take a look at your upcoming events. Previously, the mobile version of Pages only displayed your profile picture with the category and amount of Likes you have received. Exploring other areas required toggling between different buttons, such as Wall or Info.

Timeline for Pages mobile also displays which voice you’re using. Last month, Facebook implemented a “voice” reminder — in the form of a blue bar — which displays whether you’re posting, commenting, and Liking as the Page, or from your personal account.

Regardless of whether you love or hate Timeline, implementing it across different versions of the platform helps to create a consistent experience for Facebook’s user base. It’s also possible that this will have some effect on mobile Sponsored Stores’ conversion rates.

[Via: Mashable, Image credit: Dylan TweneyMiki Yoshihito]