Facebook has continued making changes since its f8 conference last week. These changes, which haven’t been officially announced, are still big enough for Page admins and individuals to notice.

Recently a new Activity tab – visible to both Page admins and community members – on Facebook Pages allows individuals to view how friends are interacting with the Page. While making it easier for users to reply to comments from friends, it also benefits admins to help find connections that you might have looked over previously.

Additionally Facebook Pages now tell all visitors how many friends have worked at the company. When you add a company that you have worked at or are currently working at, Facebook adds you to the network for that company.

The new option can be found to the right of the Wall just below the Create a Page button. The terminology is a little confusing as it uses a past tense, so it’s not clear – unless you click through to a profile – if that friend is still working at that company.

Other minor changes include a redesigned Poke icon – which is actually the old icon showing a hand with the index finger extended – and a shrinking Ticker. Some users have noticed that the Ticker along the right-hand side of the home page automatically shrinks to take up less space when friend activity slows down.

These new changes carry little weight when compared to Timelines – which are supposed to go live to all users today – but still have some effect on your overall Facebook experience. As the social network moves toward “frictionless sharing” it’s not surprising to see the integration of friend data into other areas of the website.

[Image credit: Mari Smith]