For many brands, having a Facebook Page is a necessary component of your marketing strategy. But it’s not enough to just have a Page; you also want your customers to interact with you and the community you’re building.

To achieve this, brands have experimented with apps and catchy images to entice viewers to stick around. A recent study performed by EyeTrackShop – a webcam eye-tracking platform – revealed that in almost all cases your Wall received the most attention.

EyeTrackShop tracked 30 participants as they viewed some of the top Facebook Pages – including Starbucks, Coca-Cola, and Red Bull – and discovered that the Wall was viewed at least four times longer than any other part of the Page. The exception to this was on Victoria Secret’s Page, where more people looked at the profile photo and spent about 25 percent less time looking at its Wall (compared to the other brands’ Walls).

Unless your profile photo features a scantily clad woman, chances are it won’t get much attention. For example, only 57 percent of visitors to Coca-Cola’s Page saw its profile photo. It’s worth noting that photos with faces in them received the most attention – the exception being Skittles.

Sharing images on your Wall is also effective as evidenced by visitors of PlayStation’s Facebook Page. At the time of the test, PlayStation’s Wall had the most photos and viewers stayed on the Wall for an average of 4.88 seconds – no other element on any brand’s Page held a viewer’s attention for longer than four seconds.

It’s possible that visitors want to see how (or if) you’re interacting with the rest of your community on your Facebook Page. It’s worth being a bit more strategic in terms of what media you share on your Wall or in the image slots above your wall since these areas pull in a lot of attention.

[Via: Mashable, Image credit: Jim Simonson]