All eyes were on Facebook this week as it launched the rollout of Timeline for Pages. Days after the big announcement, we’re still finding new features for Page admins to take advantage of.

During Facebook’s Marketing Conference, the term “mission control” was used often to describe your Page. This is due to the fact that everything you need to manage your community can be found in one place.

To access mission control, click Admin Panel in the upper right corner of your Page — Timeline must be enabled for this to appear. From there, click on Manage followed by Use Activity Log.

Here you will be able to filter through the different types of stories that have been added to your Page, whether by an admin or a fan. A new spam filter has been added so you can view spam posts more easily, which were previously buried or hidden. This is important because Facebook’s algorithm can sometimes mislabel spam and result in the wrong post being removed from your Timeline.

Facebook has also added a new comment moderation window located just below your navigation bar. This gives you the ability to view filter comments by admins, fans, or just highlights — which includes snippets of friends’ and fans’ activity on the Page.

And finally, you can now control how third parties post to your Page. This means that you can determine who the app shares with and where the app activity will appear on Timeline. To access these controls, click on Admin Panel > Manage > Use Activity Log > All and select the app’s name.

While these might be some of the social network’s more subtle changes, each of them can play an important role in how you manage your Facebook community.

[Image credit: Ian Rutherford]