The focus might have been on News Feeds this morning, but Facebook has also made two very significant changes to how visitors interact with Pages.

As of today your visitors will be able to post on your Page’s wall or comment on updates without having to Like the page first. Previously Facebook reserved the right to comment to anyone that had Liked a Page. Removing this barrier is meant to encourage conversation by making it easier to interact without the required endorsement of a Like.

The update could increase conversation around your brand, but it could also mean that you might have to moderate more negative feedback. Additionally, measuring the amount of Likes your Page received is a popular metric. You will also have to keep a closer eye on engagement and Facebook Insights to measure your success.

Another noteworthy change is the Friend Activity Tab that has been expanded to all Pages. In the past, this tab only displayed check-ins to that Places Pages made by friends. Now visitors will see a Friend Activity Tab on all Pages that will show the Likes, comments, and any mentions of the Page made by friends.

This tab filters out activity from strangers giving a visitor a more personalized experience when he or she visits your Page. This could help to encourage him or her to participate in a discussion or Like the page since it has been recommended by a friend.

Facebook is changing the way its users interact with the site and the people on it. These two changes to Pages demonstrate the company’s social focus and could make interacting with businesses more accessible and inviting.

[Via: Inside Facebook, Image credit: Dru Bloomfield]