Facebook Page admins are in for a treat this week as the social network has rolled out some minor, yet helpful updates.

Previously, if your Page had more than 100 Likes, you had to fill out a form requesting to change your URL. Now, Facebook has removed the form and given you the option to change your URL directly through your settings.

To do so, click on Edit Page > Update Info > Basic Information > Change Username. From here, you can check the availability of your vanity URL. The only caveat is that this can only be done once, so choose wisely.

Additionally, Facebook has added a reminder above Pages to clarify whether posting, commenting, and Liking as the Page, or from your personal account.

The company has removed the “posting preferences” option from your Page settings — meaning that you can’t set a default for whether you want to take action as yourself or as the Page.

Instead, this “voice” reminder will enable you to quickly and easily switch between posting as yourself, or as the Page. However, if you’re using Facebook as a Page, the light blue bar will not appear. It will not follow you to other parts of the social network, and it won’t give you the option to switch to using Facebook as a Page. When you visit your Page, the new feature will default to the most recent “voice” used for that Page.

Although the former update won’t have a huge impact on your daily Page management, the latter will help to ensure you don’t mistakenly post or take action using the wrong voice.

Learn more about Sprout Social’s Facebook page management here.

[Via: Inside Facebook, Image credit: Ray from LA]