Last month, Facebook introduced Open Graph apps, which provide consumers with new ways to interact with brands on the social network. The company has announced that these apps can now post to past points on users’ Timelines.

Open Graph apps allow consumers to publish actions as soon as they happen – similar to the “read” and “listening” features already in place. Facebook welcomed developers to submit actions that go beyond Liking in an effort to increase engagement between brands and your customers.

By granting Open Graph apps the ability to publish past actions, consumers can now begin filling in gaps on Timelines. For example, a Urbanspoon user can check in to a restaurant days after his or her visit.

Actions that are more than three days in the past will not show up in the Ticker or News Feed – which is smart, ensuring that this ability won’t help users take over friends’ feeds with past activities. Although past actions won’t pop up regularly on the homepage, brands can still benefit as this helps to create additional awareness for anyone perusing users’ Timelines.

Facebook is encouraging developers to provide transparency about how past actions will be published and to give users control over the functions. More information can be found on Facebook’s Developers site.

[Via: Inside Facebook, Image credit: Katie Sayer]