In December, Facebook announced that it would soon begin approving actions submitted by developers. It appears that the social network will introduce apps based on its new Open Graph at an event on Wednesday.

Facebook’s Open Graph was first introduced at last September’s f8 Conference. These apps allow users to “frictionlessly” and continuously share actions with Facebook friends through News Feeds. Users have already seen examples of this in action, including which articles are being read and what music is being listened to.

These new action items will give users a new way to interact with brands and your apps. Liking a Facebook Page shows support, but developers can soon begin displaying other verbs within apps, such as “buy,” “experiment with,” and so on.

The launch of Open Graph could also mean big things for Timeline. Since the two features go hand in hand – with the idea being that users’ activity across various sites be represented in a visual way – Facebook could start requiring users to adopt the new design. Currently the feature is available on an opt-in basis.

Facebook – which hasn’t confirmed the launch – has gotten better about easing its users into changes, but it’s still too early to tell how its user base will react to the seamless integration of every day actions – in some cases it could be overwhelming. However, if used creatively, these actions could become a very valuable feature for brands.

[Via: AllThingsD, Image credit: Helen K]