Facebook has launched a new Subscribe button that will allow you to share updates with a wider audience regardless of whether you’re Facebook friends.

In an effort to give you more control over your Facebook account and News Feeds, the social network is expanding the types of relationships you can have on Facebook by allowing you to view content from people you don’t know, but are interested in.

Starting today you will begin to notice a Subscribe button alongside the “Message” and “Poke” button on Facebook profiles. Clicking the Subscribe button will result in public updates appearing in your News Feed. You will be able to customize which updates you see from each person to ensure you’re receiving the most relevant news. For example, you could hide all game stories and see just photos and life events.

A Subscribe button will only appear on a profile once that person has decided to allow subscribers. Otherwise, you will be unable to subscribe to that profile. Once you have allowed subscribers, a Subscribe button will show up and your public updates will appear in people’s News Feeds once subscribed.

Much like Twitter, the total number of people subscribing to your profile and the number of people you’ve subscribed to will appear on your profile. Those metrics might make it a handy tool to track Facebook engagement. It’s important to note that while existing pending friend requests will not turn into subscribers automatically, going forward, anyone who sends you a friend request will automatically be subscribed to your public updates.

This feature has obvious benefits for public figures like journalists and celebrities. Currently this update is intended for individual use and won’t have much affect on Pages since Liking a Page is similar to subscribing.

[Via: The Next Web]