Facebook has made many changes to its site over the past week. The social network hasn’t showed signs of stopping and today we noticed that the top navigation bar is now locked on the top of the screen even if you scroll down the page.

Previously if you scrolled down the navigation bar would be hidden from view. This update makes access to your notifications, friend requests, messages, and links to the homepage, profile, and account settings available to you at all times.

Locking the navigation bar makes notifications, requests, and messages more prominent and Facebook is hoping that this will encourage you to visit other parts of the site instead of leaving once you’ve finished viewing something.

Another change worth noting is that while playing certain social games the right sidebar that contains the game’s information and Facebook ads stays fixed when you scroll. While making the page a little more crowded, this could lead to a higher click-through rate. Inside Facebook reports that this is not the case for all games and believes this is unrelated to the navigation bar change.

In the past, obvious design changes have been met with a lot of negativity from the community. Rolling out smaller updates may be Facebook’s way of easing the community into a more significant redesign. More information should be available after next week’s f8 conference – an event for Facebook developers and innovators.

It’s unclear how this change is being distributed. Many people have already noticed the locked navigation bar. It’s fair to assume that most of Facebook’s community will see the change over the next couple of days.

[Via: Inside Facebook, Image credit: Santiago Rodriguez]