Facebook updated its mobile News Feed over the weekend and is slowly rolling out a small interface change aimed to make interacting with posts even easier.

The social network eliminated a step by removing the plus button on the feed that would bring up the Like and comment buttons. Now these options appear directly below each post in a single bar.

Still missing from the News Feed is the option to share a post from friends or Pages. The desktop share button has seen more action since Facebook began displaying larger thumbnails and the total number of shares. At this time it’s not clear if this will be added.

Although subtle, this change will not only help Facebook to gather more data and improve its sorting algorithm, but it will also help to speed up content consumption by more than 110 million iPhone and Android users.

While we don’t expect to see a huge surge in engagement, the additional step might have discouraged some individuals from interacting with your posts. By requiring only one step, some people might be more motivated to click Like.

[Via: InsideFacebook, Image credit: Alex Proimos]