Facebook has been making many updates to its advertising options – most recently the company began testing a new premium ads service that will offer users coupons. One area that the social network has neglected is mobile advertising.

That is, until now. It appears that Facebook is increasing its focus on mobile technology. The company is considering rolling out a new version of Sponsored Stories – which feature friends’ interactions with brands – that will appear in your customers’ mobile News Feeds by the end of March.

Facebook has been cautiously slow in its introduction of mobile ads, an area that Apple and Google already have experience in. However, the world’s most popular social network might have an advantage.

“Facebook’s potential advantage is that by gathering so much information about a person’s interests and associates, it can help advertisers target potential customers more directly than mobile web browsers or applications,” states Bloomberg, which cites “two people with knowledge of the matter.”

Although Facebook reps have yet to comment on the report, this is definitely a topic to keep an eye on as mobile advertising offers a tremendous growth opportunity for both Facebook and advertisers.

[Via: Bloomberg, Image credit: Alexa]