While a Nielsen survey shows that Google outperformed Facebook in terms of unique U.S. users (176 million and 163 million, respectively), the average American spent nearly eight hours on Facebook during August, which is about four times as long as the average visit to Google’s websites.

However, an international study performed by Experian – a global information services company – found that people living in different countries spent more time on Facebook than Americans.

Throughout a normal session, international users spent more time on Facebook than the U.S users with Singapore in the lead with an average of 39 minutes per session. The country also ranked the highest for Facebook Likes. An average U.S. user only clocked about 21 minutes per session.

The results demonstrate the importance of brands needing to be on social networks. If an average user spends 38 minutes on Facebook, that means you can increase the likelihood of capturing his or her attention through digital marketing and advertising campaigns.

Brazil ranked above the US in terms of market share with 18.9% of Internet usage going to social networks – 43% of those visits went to Google’s Orkut.

Facebook is still establishing itself in many countries – including the UK, Australia, and India – but that shouldn’t deter you from having a presence. Market share for Facebook in Brazil increased by 16% from last year, which shows that its influence is determined to rise.

Another result worth noting is that visitors in Brazil, India, and Singapore rarely visit retail websites after being on a social network. Retailers in these markets are presented with an opportunity to increase your presence and drive more traffic to your websites.

[Via: Social Times, Image credit: Joelk75]