Facebook is taking jabs at Twitter and Google+ and has introduced Interest Lists. These lists will offer members a new way to create customized and more relevant News Feeds.

Interest Lists are filtered versions of News Feeds that feature only Pages and subscribers related to a specific topic. They function similarly to Twitter lists, which also let people create and follow a list of users tweeting about the same topics.

The feature — which will be rolled out in the coming weeks — lets members create and subscribe to topical feeds, such as recipes or sports. Individuals can add the public Facebook Pages of all their favorite sports teams, journalists, athletes and so on.

Lists will appear on the left side of News Feeds with top stories from each topic occasionally appearing in the primary feed. As a creator, only you have the ability to edit a list, make it private, or set is as public so it will appear in Facebook’s list recommendations.

It’s important to note that ads can only be served to members if they Like your Page. By adding your Page to an Interest List, this only counts as a subscription, not a Like. However, by being added to a list, you’re creating more awareness for your brand; getting Likes should be easy as long as you’re sharing quality content.

[Via: The Verge, Image credit: Adam Fagen]