Recently Facebook Insights has added some new metrics that aim to help admins better measure the performance of a Facebook Page. The social network continues to make improvements and has updated Insights to provide more accurate data about your audience’s location.

Facebook Insights is a free analytics tool provided by Facebook. Many of the features offered through Insights are similar to traditional web analytics, such as Page Views and Total Likes.

Previously, if a visitor Liked your Page while living in Chicago and then moved to New York, the data would still reflect an extra Like in Chicago. Now Insights for Likes and Reach will reflect the changes made to the current city listed on your fan’s Profile. Additionally the site now displays the state or country a city is in, which can be found under the top cities section of Insights.

While this might not make a major difference for most Pages, it will benefit those that rely heavily on location data – especially if you have multiple offices or store locations. You can use the updated metric to optimize the content you publish to meet your target audience’s needs. It also goes to show that Facebook is taking action to ensure its data is as accurate as possible.

[Via: Inside Facebook, Image credit: Channelship Web Agency]