Earlier this month Facebook introduced a new metric to Facebook Insights that displays negative feedback, which allows Page admins to measure any time a user hides or reports a News Feed post as spam.

Now it appears that the social network is considering extending the metric to the Page itself, which would reveal how many users have hidden your posts from News Feeds entirely. Should it make its way to Insights, then an individual could still Like your Page, but choose not to receive any updates from your brand.

Marketers could soon be able to learn how many people are unreachable through News Feeds, which would leave many social media teams with one option: Facebook ads. Recently Facebook has been very transparent about its advertising plans, so this metric comes at a perfect time.

However, before rushing out to secure ads, it’s worth examining your Page to determine why people are hiding your posts in the first place. Negative feedback can be hard to swallow, but don’t let it stop you from interacting with your community and resolving pain points.

Steve Allard of Wise Metrics – an advanced Facebook analytics tool – noticed this metric inside the Insights Graph API. It seems that it’s still being tested, so not everyone will have access to it.

[Via: All Facebook, Image credit: striatic]