While the newest version of Facebook Insights provides admins with a number of useful metrics, those that favor the old version have had the option to switch back. As of today, however, you will no longer be able to access the old Insights metrics as the social network removes them from its API.

Last November, Facebook introduced new data points to Insights – the free tool offered by the company for tracking engagement and other metrics on your business or brand’s Page.

The new metrics – which you’ll soon be able to use with the reporting feature of our social media management tool, Sprout Social – are meant to focus more on how users are interacting with your Page and the total reach of your content. Facebook Insights now includes “People Talking About This,” “Weekly Total Reach,” and “Virality.”

In addition to the new metrics, Facebook has also updated Insights’ layout – which only affects the admin layout, not your public Page. Since the update, insights have been at the top of the page and include metrics that go into detail on the location, gender, and other demographics about your visitors.

It will definitely take some time for admins and app developers to get used to the new Insights, but we suspect that the overall results will be positive. You can view a full list of the deprecated metrics on Facebook’s Developers site.

[Image credit: Wonderlane]