Facebook is currently testing new ways to promote discovery and engagement with games on the social network. In addition to including games stories in News Feeds, it’s also testing a games-only activity feed.

The games-only activity feed is a sub-menu option found below the apps and games dashboard called Friend Activity. The new feed combines all friends’ game stories into one feed with the most recent stories appearing at the top.

Game stories, which recently launched in Facebook’s mobile feed, are now coming to the web version. Gamers and non-gamers will see stories that list games their friends are playing the most.

Game developers should also know that users now have the option to share their game activity on their Timeline, which helps promote discovery among friends. This feature highlights an individual’s most-played games, as well as top scores and achievements.

Facebook is also exploring new ways to improve the gaming experience and is considering removing the current version of the live ticker alongside games and apps as it hasn’t proven to be a substantial traffic driver.

Finally, Facebook is testing a new link to outstanding games and apps requests – which will appear on the upper right corner of the homepage – in hopes that it draws more traffic to games and apps.

Taking recent changes into consideration – including the Ticker and updated calls-to-action – Facebook’s homepage has become quite noisy, resulting in important updates going unnoticed. Throwing game stories into the mix could add to the clutter, but Facebook will continue to refine the design based on performance.

[Via: Inside Facebook, Image credit: David Goehring]