Facebook and eBay are working together to integrate social networking features into online shopping applications. eBay recently unveiled its new X.Commerce platform that will allow developers to build new commerce tools for merchants.

Last month Facebook made changes to its Open Graph, which will enable developers to build social commerce applications on the social network. These apps mean that users will soon be able to “buy,” “own,” “want,” “recommend,” and “review” products just like the new “read” or “listened to” capabilities.

The integration “represents a powerful way to bring people together across an inherently social activity – shopping,” explains Katie Mitic, director of platform and mobile marketing at Facebook. “We’re just starting to see what’s possible with social commerce.”

eBay also unveiled a new service called PayPal Access that will enable a shopper to use his or her PayPal account on other websites without having to register for an account – a concept that is very similar to Facebook Connect.

PayPal Access will make online shopping more seamless as it will simplify the check-out process by keeping track of multiple passwords and accounts. Additionally it aims to protect against credit card theft.

A challenge here is that not all consumers want Facebook to have access to all other online accounts. However, this might just be what Facebook needs to succeed in the commerce space. By encouraging shoppers to share more product stories, it could also lead to more exposure for your service or product on a platform with more than 800 million active users.

[Via: TechCrunch, Image credit: Annie Mole]