With a focus on Facebook, Buddy Media and comScore released data on how social media influences consumer behavior. The data revealed that Facebook users spend more time in the News Feed than any other part of the social network.

The breakdown of where time is spent is important because it can help create a more successful outreach strategy for marketers. For example, if your strategy’s main focus is on your Facebook Page’s updates, you’re missing out on a lot of opportunities.

While 27 percent of a user’s time is spent on the homepage, 21 percent of his or her time is spent looking at Profiles. It isn’t clear if the profiles featured in the study include Facebook Pages, or whether they are personal or those of friends.

Knowing how much time is spent on News Feeds and Profiles is helpful for companies that are interested in or already implementing Facebook ads. Since most ads appear on these pages, we now know that they’re being placed in the most popular locations.

However, that doesn’t mean that you should just rely on ads and status updates. Photos take up 17 percent of time spent. While that doesn’t come as a big surprise, it does support Facebook’s decision to update to Timeline since it’s more visually appealing. Additionally Facebook Apps account for 10 percent of time spent on the social network, which may or may not include games.

While much of your focus should be on your Facebook Page, it’s important to consider how and where that information will appear to a user. Since only 17 percent of people revisit a Page after Liking it, a majority of brand exposure happens on other parts of the site. Spend extra time developing a content strategy so that your Facebook updates will be seen.

[Via: Buddy Media, Image credit: Janet Ramsden]