A recent study revealed that shoppers that connect to Facebook while on e-commerce websites are more likely to engage with those sites’ social features and share content with friends.

In an effort to determine the benefits of Facebook Connect for retailers, Sociable Labs studied more than 1.35 million clicks from 42 social sharing apps between October 2010 and January 2012.

The enterprise software company defines a Facebook-connected user as someone that used social login alternatives – such as “log in with Facebook” buttons – or someone that clicked on an e-commerce site’s call-to-action, which required the individual to share information from his or her Facebook account.

Sociable Labs found that Facebook-connected shoppers are nine times more likely to share than non-Facebook users. Based on these results, it appears that retailers would greatly benefit from adding a Facebook Connect or Like button to your websites.

Word-of-mouth marketing can drive significantly higher traffic and value to your business. Even on e-commerce sites, it’s important to find ways to engage your customers and promote social experiences. Additionally, you can also use the number of Facebook-connected visitors as a performance indicator for your marketing strategy.

[Image credit: Ahoova]