As Facebook prepares to move Sponsored Stories into users News Feeds, the company is continuing to expand the platform with new calls-to-action called “Check out this idea.”

Sponsored Stories is an ad format that integrates Facebook friends’ interactions – such as Likes – with brand Pages into small ads that appear on the right side of the News Feed or within the Ticker. The ads serve as an organic way to recommend a product or service.

The social network hinted toward new action items at Facebook’s f8 Conference earlier this year. Coverage of the event suggested that these items could include the terms “want,” “buy”, and so on. But as Ryan Cohn, CEO of What’s Next Marketing, noted, marketers are now able to incorporate “Check out this idea” – in addition to the Like button – below Sponsored Stories.

Facebook has yet to comment on whether this is just an initial test to see how well it performs, or if the call-to-action is being rolled out to all users. Should the feature catch on, marketers will be able to offer additional ways for users to interact with brands and spread awareness on the social network. We suspect that additional action items will begin to pop up over the next couple of months as Facebook continues expanding its Sponsored Stories platform.

[Image credit: Hidde de Vries]