According to a study released today by KN Dimestore – a subsidiary of the market research firm Knowledge Network – brand awareness on Facebook increases an average of 38% when incentives are offered.

Incentives have been used across a variety of marketing and advertising campaigns even before social media. Having additional outlets for communicating with consumers has made it easier for you to not only offer creative incentives, but to measure success in a number of quantitative and qualitative ways. For example, the number of Twitter Retweets or subscribers.

Throughout June and July the firm polled more than 30,000 consumers that interacted with ads in the financial services, consumer packaged good, entertainment e-commerce, and technology categories.

A noteworthy example is when a major movie studio targeted Zynga game players with a campaign that offered virtual currency in exchange for interacting with an ad for a recent blockbuster release. The study found that 32% of consumers that engaged and collected the currency also purchased tickets to the movie – a rate 22% higher than the total for those that didn’t act on the incentive.

The study also found that almost all of the consumers that were polled (91%) wanted to discover the brand message when interacting with incentivized engagements rather than just taking advantage of the promotion. This strong statistic demonstrates that even if you offer a great incentive your brand messaging and online presence still play a big role in decision making. Further to that point, 48% of consumers admitted to being drawn in by the incentive, but still interacted further with the brand and its message.

And finally, consumers that interacted with an incentivized ad are 161% more likely to visit your website and 36% more likely to seek out your brand while shopping in stores.

Incentives do a great job of bringing attention to your brand and might even appeal to consumers that otherwise wouldn’t engage with your brand. However, this study shows that while creative incentive deals do work, you still need to have a solid brand message and overall online presence for it to succeed in the long run.

[Via: All Facebook, Image credit: Roger Price]