Recently Facebook removed the ability to set a third-party app as the default landing tab for a Page, which could negatively impact an app’s success. However, some members have noticed a new module that prompts them to revisit previously added apps on the social network.

Earlier this month Facebook tested a similar feature that promoted games called Play It Again. The new module appears in the ride sidebar for non-game apps, including those developed by brands.

What’s interesting is that these apps aren’t necessarily promotional. Many of the prompts feature utility apps, such as Target’s Give With Friends app — which allows people to buy Target gift cards for friends — and Princess Cruises’ Princess Roll Call — which invites passengers to join Event Pages specific for that cruise.

It’s still unclear what criteria needs to be met for your app to be eligible. It’s fair to assume that it’s related to Graph Rank, an algorithm that bases application stories on the other connections members have made on Facebook.

Many times individuals forget about apps after their first visit. The new reminder module helps to keep your apps fresh in their minds. Over time, this could help increase the number of people who visit and interact with your app.

[Via: Inside Facebook, Image credit: bibliojojo]