Now that Facebook has shifted its focus to sharing stories, a lot of attention will be put on the who and the where. Today the social network has introduced updates to its API that will help make capturing these experiences easier.

Facebook has made several improvements to its API that will allow people to add friends, location, photos, and videos directly from the apps they’re using.

For example, if a customer dining in your restaurant uses and app to share a picture of his or her meal, that app can also tag his or her location and Facebook friends. By doing this, your customers are able to create more robust stories and more awareness for your business.

This also means that Facebook can use the location data to show stories shared through apps like Foodspotting with nearby friends — similar to Facebook check-ins.

By adding GeoPoint data, apps will be able to create more interesting stories on Timelines. Over time, Facebook will be able to collect a lot of location data — thanks to the new APIs — which will help determine what local content and ads will be relevant to consumers.

[Via: TechCrunch]