On Wednesday night, Facebook unveiled a new way of interacting with apps, content, and brands on the social network. The company announced 60 new partners using Open Graph to enable users to share their tastes in fashion, food, and so on.

Facebook Actions, which include big names like eBay, LivingSocial, and Foursquare, didn’t come as a big surprise since the company first mentioned its Open Graph initiative during last year’s f8 Conference.

Once these apps have been installed, users can begin updating Timelines with activities as soon as they happen – just like the “read” and “listening” features already in place. While this is great for brand exposure, Facebook Actions contribute to an already noisy landscape.

Facebook has also given its user base more control over who sees what, which is why it’s important not just to rely on your app for brand or product awareness. Users can now adjust privacy settings directly from your app’s permissions window. It’s a smart move for the social network, since its previous all-or-nothing approach has received a lot of backlash. However, this could mean decreased visibility among your fans’ networks.

Between status updates, Facebook Actions, photos, and other activity, Facebook Pages will have to work twice as hard not to get lost in the noise. With the average post reaching only 17 percent of fans, it’s necessary to be creative and publish content that people want to engage with and share.

Users can start adding Facebook Actions today, and more will be available as developers continue creating them. Developers interested in creating an app should review the Open Graph Guidelines.

[Image credit: sapexoxo]