Bing has increased its social search functionality with the integration of Quora, a questions-and-answer forum.

Originally launched in May, the search engine’s new social design divides Bing into three columns — the third of which houses social elements.

Unlike Facebook’s integration, Quora — which is popular among the tech industry — will focus less on content from friends and more on sharing content from industry experts and enthusiasts.

Moving forward, an individual will be able to hover over your Quora username and immediately see the answers you have shared. People can also click through to the site to see more answers.

The company notes that if you don’t want your answers to appear in Bing’s search results, you need to disable search engine indexing in your Quora settings.

Although this might not convince Google fans to switch over to Bing, it could be beneficial for Quora, on which people post questions in hopes of hearing from experts on the topic. The integration could introduce the company to a more mainstream crowd, bringing both its platform and your industry-focused content to a whole new audience.

[Via: TechCrunch, Image credit: Dennis Crowley]