Google+’s recently activated business and brand pages have been adopted by numerous companies, but political campaigns might want to take a look at the new social network also. Spearheading this trend is the 2012 re-election campaign for U.S. President Barack Obama, which added a Google+ page yesterday.

While the ideal strategy would be to push content to all social networks simultaneously, it makes sense to prioritize Facebook over Google+ right now, though; Google+ has a much smaller membership, and the performance of Google+ business pages has yet to be proven.

Right now it has much of the same content as Obama’s Facebook Page — actually a little less, as the Google+ page is a few hours behind the Facebook Page, so newer items posted to Facebook haven’t yet appeared on Google+.

Nevertheless, it’s smart to stay ahead of the curve. The cost of creating a presence on another social network is minimal if you already have the processes in place for promoting your business, brand, cause, or campaign through others.

The page was launched with the Google+ message, “Welcome to the Obama 2012 Google+ page. We’re still kicking the tires and figuring this out, so let us know what you’d like to see here and your ideas for how we can use this space to help you stay connected to the campaign.”

[Source: Barack Obama on Google+]