This week on Sprout Insights we tackled guides for Facebook, Twitter, and to help you better reach your customers with the social media tools that make a difference.

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Insider Tips on Fitting Google+ Hangouts Into Your Social Strategy

There are a lot of businesses doing some very creative marketing using Google+ “Hangouts On Air” — the Google+ feature that streams live video conferences to followers. If you aren’t yet one of them (or even if you are), you may be wondering just how this kind of live video can fit into your existing social strategy. Do you share Hangouts on Facebook and Twitter? Do you need to be popular on Google+ for your Hangouts to succeed?

One of the reasons Google+ Hangouts On Air makes for such a good promotion tool is that the platform can easily be worked into many different social strategies. We chatted with several organizations that are already successfully using Hangouts to get insider tips on just how Hangouts fits into a larger social strategy — and how you can make them work for your business, too. [ Read More… ]

How to Manage Your Google+ Pages With Sprout Social

Google+ is the latest addition to the suite of social networks companies can manage through Sprout Social. The channel can play a crucial role in not only building your company’s audience, but ensuring that you have a strong presence in search results. It’s a worthy part of any social media strategy.

Now, Sprout Social is making it easier for you to cover all your bases, no matter which social networks your brand prefers. Here are the features for Google+ that are now available to Sprout Social accounts. [ Read More… ]

Interview: How B2B Defense Contractor Raytheon Leverages Social Media

Social media has been a boon for consumer facing brands like Whole Foods, Starbucks, Zappos, and more. Afterall, it’s not a stretch to assume that some of the customers who get great products or service from these brands will post their positive experiences to Facebook or Twitter.

But what about business to business (B2B) companies — is there a place for social media in their marketing mix? Will buyers of industrial equipment actually take time to upload pictures of that new grapple grommet, for example? Is it possible to use social media to build excitement around a brand that’s products and services are not necessarily top of mind with the general public?

We spoke with Corinne Kovalsky, Director of Digital & Social Media for defense contractor Raytheon — a well-known company within the sphere of the military, government, and defense sectors — about how the typically consumer-focused marketing platform of social media can be used by a specialized, B2B company like hers. In the case of Raytheon, its target audience is largely government employees, politicians, political insiders, and so on. One might think that such an audience might not be that active on social media, or would be a hard audience to reach and engage with on platforms like Twitter or Facebook. [ Read More… ]

[Image credits: Chris Wetherell, Raytheon (FB) ]