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Leveraging social media during a crisis

Thanks for tuning in to the NRF webinar to hear best practices, tips and tricks on how to leverage social media and your executive team during a crisis. Here are a few Sprout resources to help put our advice into action.

Resources for retailers

How to Build a Social Media Crisis Management Strategy

Here are the industry best practices that will empower your team, foster deeper connection with your audience and help your brand weather any storm.

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Social Crisis Plan: What to do when things go wrong

Businesses need a crisis plan that prioritizes empathy. This guide breaks down how to handle a social media crisis and tips to prevent future problems.

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How to Handle the Aftermath of a Social Media Crisis

In this worksheet, you'll reflect on your recent brand crisis, and use the lessons your team learned in the aftermath to help identify a path forward.

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Additional resources for retailers

Social isn't just crucial to your company's crisis response—it's mission-critical for your entire org. Here's a few resources to help you evaluate and inform your overall social and business strategies.

Consumer Behaviors in the Social Shopping Cart

We asked 1,000 US consumers how they plan on social shopping in 2022. This data report outlines their perceptions and preferences around social commerce.

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2021 Year in Social: How does your data compare?

Use these industry benchmarks to see how your social strategy and performance stack up, and where you may need to shift focus moving forward.

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How to use social listening tools to build a stronger business

Social listening is a valuable source of business intelligence across your entire organization—including managing brand health during a public relations crisis.

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