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2021 Year in Social

Turn last year’s data into this year’s advantage

See how your peers and competitors performed on social in 2021

We pulled the top social metrics to show marketers how different industries performed across all social platforms last year. Choose an industry from the dropdown below for business-critical insight into other companies’ social strategies. Then see how Sprout can help you put this data into action.

Compare Your Data

Total Impressions


Posts Published


New Followers


Total Engagements


How does your data compare?

Are your numbers above, at or below average for your industry? Use these high-level social media benchmarks to understand how your strategy stacks up, and where you may need to increase or shift focus moving forward.

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What does this data tell us?

Depending on your performance, here are some actionable insights to help inform and inspire your 2022 social strategy.

2022 Planning and Goal Setting

Take the next step

To help you set new goals and fine-tune your 2022 strategy, quickly pull your last year’s performance data with a free Sprout trial and see how it compares to others in your industry.

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Access the metrics without the mess

Sprout’s social media analytics tools speed up data collection by eliminating time-consuming manual methods in favor of automated, professional reports.