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How to Conduct a Social Media Audit


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The web’s top eight social media platforms drove 31.24% of overall traffic in December 2014; up from 22.71% just on year earlier. That means if you’re not properly analyzing and improving your social presence, you could be missing out on a major share of potential website traffic.

Join the content marketing experts and co-founders of–Sujan Patel and Jerad Maplethorpe–as they show their step-by-step process for conducting the social media audit that boosted their own site traffic by over 300%.

This webinar includes actionable strategies on how to:

  • Research Your Competitors’ Social Presence
  • Identify Key Social Metrics to Monitor
  • Set and Track Unique Marketing Goals

The Presenters

Jerad Maplethorpe


Jerad is a 27-year-old web developer and entrepreneur. He is a co-founder of, a pragmatic tool that helps brands expand their presence on Twitter. Outside of business, he enjoys reading philosophy and traveling to unique destinations like Newfoundland, the Ecuadorian Amazon and Nicaragua. You can find him on Twitter and Instagram at @maplethorpej

Sujan Patel


Sujan has 12 years of experience in digital marketing and co-created Content Marketer, a tool to help automate and scale content marketing. He is also an avid blogger and writes for Forbes, Inc, WSJ and Entrepreneur. In his spare time he authored the Growth Hacking eBook 100 Days of Growth & Content Marketing Playbook. When he’s not working 80 hours a week you can find him at the racing cars/motorcycles or jumping out of planes. @sujanpatel