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Conduct a Customer Experience Audit to Optimize Your Customer Journey

View Template A picture of a customer journey map to help visualize your customer experience audit

“The customer is always on” is the digital era version of “the customer is always right.” Social media plays a part in every step of the buyer’s journey—from discovery to decision. 

The experience visitors have with your brand on social can mean the difference between a loyal or lost customer. But how do you evaluate that experience? Conducting a customer experience audit is the best way to understand what you’re doing right and where to course correct. 

Use this template to create a social-specific customer journey map that analyzes your social customer experience performance from the awareness stage through post-purchase care. This process will empower you to:

  • Enhance your strategy by identifying customer pain points and process gaps
  • Identify whether your response rates and times are up to speed or need adjusting
  • Understand whether you’re hitting your industry or personal benchmarks
  • Hone in on experience elements that need updates, like chatbot routes

Your work schedule may have off hours, but your customers expect a stellar brand experience 24/7. Use this customer experience audit template to ensure your channels will keep people coming back—even when you’re signed off.

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