It’s Twitter Tip Tuesday — every Tuesday we’ll focus on one Twitter Tip and show you how to integrate it into your social media strategy. This week, being the first Twitter Tip Tuesday article of 2012, we remind you that there’s no better time to create or re-evaluate Your Twitter marketing plan than right now!

By now, you’ve probably set up your Twitter account and learned the basics like crafting a great bio and making your first set of tweets count. All those things are great, and necessary, but as the new year begins, take some time to think more strategically about how you can use Twitter for maximum business benefit in 2012 and beyond.

What Are Your Marketing Goals for Twitter?

Focus on Your Goals

Have you thought about what your actual goals are from spending time on Twitter? Of course, it’s possible that you use Twitter simply as an enjoyable or effective means to connect with people; that’s a great starting point. Here are some possible goals to consider — and that you can easily achieve — by giving your Twitter marketing plan a more strategic focus in 2012.

Increase Awareness of Your Business: One of the best ways to increase of the awareness of your business on Twitter is to follow more people from your target audience. Find tweeters by searching for relevant keywords in Twitter’s Advanced Search, or follow tweeters who use hashtags that are pertinent to your business. As you begin to follow and engage with more people, your followers will likely increase, exposing your profile (and presumably a link to your business website) to a wider audience.

Engage More Meaningfully: In 2012, why not consider kicking up your engagement a notch or two by hosting a tweetup and inviting members of your local Twitter community. What better way to get people talking about your business than by actually inviting them to your place of business? If a tweetup is not possible, consider assembling your audience together on Twitter through a Twitter Chat. Make your Chat a recurring event so that your customers know exactly where and when they can turn to you for subject matter expertise.

Increase Sales: Contrary to what some people may lead you to believe, mentioning sales in the context of social media is not a bad thing. On the contrary, once you’ve built an engaged audience on Twitter using some of the strategies mentioned above, consider creating your own daily deal to drive sales of your products and services to new customers. Alternately, you can take a longer term approach to sales and use Twitter as a referral engine to reap new business, based on the recommendations of your Twitter community.

These are only a few possible business goals to consider. Whatever your goals are for your business in 2012, given some serious thought and planning, it’s likely that Twitter can help you achieve them.

We’re Looking for Your Twitter Success Stories

Twitter Success Stories

Have you achieved some serious business goals using Twitter? Has it increased your sales, have you recruited some great talent, or have you gotten some great PR for your business as a result of Twitter?

If so, we’d like to hear from you and possibly feature your business in an upcoming Twitter Tip Tuesday article. Have any great ideas for a Twitter Tip that we haven’t already covered? Let us know that too and you could be mentioned as a source for one of our features in 2012.

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