The most successful brands on Twitter (rebranded as “X”) share multiple Tweets a day and regularly keep their audience engaged with fresh content. Maintaining an active presence on the platform is at the core of every winning Twitter marketing strategy. So how do you keep up when you’re simultaneously juggling several roles and responsibilities? The answer is Twitter automation.

Whether it’s sending automated Tweets or using AI-generated content, automation is the fastest way to get the job done. It allows you to set your Twitter marketing efforts on autopilot without spending twice as much time on manual work. Think: not having to wake up at 6 am MST just to send that early morning Tweet for an East Coast audience.

We’ll guide you through the world of Twitter automation so you can learn to leverage it for your business. We’ll explore what Twitter automation is, its benefits and narrow down 10 of the best Twitter automation tools you should use in 2024. Let’s get started.

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What is Twitter automation?

Twitter automation is when you use tools and algorithms to perform automated Twitter actions. This may involve sending out Tweets at a scheduled time or responding to direct messages while you’re away. Similar to other forms of social media automation, Twitter automation is an effective way to ensure that your social media schedule stays on track.

Benefits of Twitter automation

Using a Twitter automation tool saves you tons of time and helps you to strategically execute your plan. Here are some of the key benefits of using automation on Twitter.

Strategically schedule your Tweets

An automation tool lets you schedule your Tweets to strategically go out at the best times. This means you get to publish Tweets when people are most likely to engage with them.

With scheduling, you don’t have to push out a Tweet at odd hours of the day or worry about forgetting a special occasion. Imagine not having to come up with a witty Tweet at the last minute because you forgot all about National Pancake Day or another hashtag holiday.

Boost efficiency and team productivity

Automating your Tweets and other Twitter activities can shave hours off your work week. As a result, you can experience significant productivity benefits.

Having an automation tool handling more repetitive tasks minimizes the need for manual work. This leaves your team free to focus on activities that are more complex and require human involvement.

Some Twitter automation tools even help your team do their work more efficiently. For example, a tool could recommend the most appropriate response to a user’s comment. Your team could easily customize their response based on this suggestion.

Streamline reporting and analytics

The right tools let you automate your Twitter analytics and reporting. This allows you to automatically monitor your performance on the platform in real time. You can automatically analyze everything from your Tweet engagements to your brand mentions.

You can even generate automated reports and have them sent to relevant stakeholders. That way, you can keep sending out monthly Twitter reports even while you’re away.

Twitter automation tools to use in 2024

If you’re ready to get started with automating your Twitter marketing efforts, here are some of the best Twitter automation tools to use.

1. Sprout Social

Sprout Social offers some of the most powerful social media automation tools to take Twitter automation to the next level.

Sprout Queue lets you build a queue of Tweets to automatically go out at preset times and improve your publishing efficiency. You can even optimize your scheduling using Sprout’s ViralPost technology and reach your audience when they’re most engaged. This suggests the best time to post on Twitter based on an analysis of your audience and engagement patterns.

Sprout’s automation capabilities go beyond publishing. For instance, you can send automated surveys after each customer interaction. This allows you to automatically collect customer feedback to improve your customer care efforts.

If you’re looking to automate some of your Twitter conversations, you can create chatbots using the Bot Builder. That way, you can keep responding to your customers even outside of regular business hours.

Additionally, Sprout helps you reduce your response time with Suggested Replies. This feature uses machine learning to suggest an appropriate response for your incoming messages.

You can try Sprout Social free for 30 days.

Screenshot of Sprout Social's SproutQueue

2. X Pro (Formerly TweetDeck)

X Pro, formerly known as TweetDeck, comes with several advanced features not available to regular X users. This includes a feature for scheduling Tweets in advance.

However, X Pro is a little less intuitive than many of the other tools on the list. For instance, you need to manually create a column for organizing your scheduled Tweets. And it’s solely for automating Tweets. At the time of writing this post, X Pro doesn’t support direct message scheduling. So it’s a good option if you’re really only looking for an automation tool to use on Twitter.

Besides scheduling, X Pro has a few basic automation capabilities. This includes Typeahead, which provides automated suggestions as you type in a search term.

X Pro is available with an X Premium subscription, which starts from $8 per month.

Twitter compose window showing a draft tweet and a drop-down menu with the option to schedule the tweet

3. SocialPilot

SocialPilot comes with a Twitter Scheduler to automatically send out your Tweets at preset times. It supports bulk uploading, allowing you to auto-schedule up to 500 Tweets with a simple upload.

One of the most intriguing features of this platform is the AI Assistant. This helps you automate the process of creating Tweets with auto-generated Tweet ideas. It even tailors these Tweets to align with your brand voice and style.

In addition to Tweet ideas, the AI Assistant helps you with auto-generated hashtags. It suggests the most suitable Twitter hashtags to boost visibility and engagement.

SocialPilot plans start at $30 per month with a 14-day free trial.

SocialPilot AI Assistant window with the right panel showing a prompt and the left panel showing input and AI output

4. Agorapulse

Agorapulse offers a Twitter integration that comes with all the basic automation capabilities. It lets you schedule your Tweets and threads in one place. You can even bulk schedule up to 200 Tweets in advance and fill up your calendar in a matter of minutes.

This Twitter automation tool comes with a Writing Assistant, which uses AI to create engaging Tweets. You can apply a “filter” to your draft and instantly spice it up to make it more compelling. Agorapulse even lets you add stunning visuals to your Tweets with the Canva AI image generator.

The Standard plan for Agorapulse starts at $69 per month, with a 30-day free trial.

agorapulse compose window with a right panel showing a Twitter preview

5. CoSchedule

CoSchedule is the ideal automation tool if you want to manage all your marketing content in one place. While this tool comes with powerful scheduling features, it does more than that. It takes the guesswork out of your publishing plan with a Best Time Scheduler. This lets you automatically send out Tweets when your audience is most likely to engage.

The ReQueue feature lets you automate recurring social promotions. So you can keep reusing your best Tweets and keep your social calendar filled.

The AI Social Assistant is a standout feature, simplifying the process of generating ideas and crafting your Tweets. CoSchedule even has a built-in optimizer to help you create Tweets that drive more engagement.

CoSchedule offers a free forever plan with limited scheduling capabilities. Paid plans start from $19 per month.

coschedule AI Social Assistant providing some suggestions for content ideas

6. Crowdfire

Crowdfire simplifies Twitter management with powerful automation features. It automatically curates highly relevant content from across the web to share to your Twitter account. It even provides image recommendations if you wish to spice up your Tweets with eye-catching visuals.

You can use the tool to automate your Tweets for the entire week. It automatically pushes out your Tweet at the best time to maximize visibility and engagement. You can even customize the post schedule to test different timings.

Crowdfire offers a free plan with limited scheduling. Paid plans start at $9.99 per month.

crowdfire compose window with a drop-down menu showing the option to post at the best time and set the number of daily posts

7. SocialBee

SocialBee offers several features to support your Twitter automation efforts. The platform particularly stands out when it comes to scheduling. Besides the basic scheduling capabilities, SocialBee lets you automatically reshare evergreen content. This will set the content to automatically Retweet at regular intervals, thus keeping your calendar filled.

If you’re spending hours crafting the perfect Tweet, you’ll love SocialBee’s AI feature. This helps you instantly generate catchy Tweets complete with customized images in just a few seconds.

Paid plans SocialBee start from $29 per month with a 14-day free trial.

socialbee profiles overview showing notifications and number of scheduled posts for different accounts

8. Sendible

Sendible comes with an advanced Twitter scheduler to support your automation efforts. It lets you group your Tweets into campaigns and schedule them to go out on specific days. It even provides you with automated suggestions for content and hashtags so you never run out of ideas.

The platform’s standout feature is its ability to automate reporting. You can use Sendible to send automated reports to relevant stakeholders and team members.

Paid plans for Sendible start from $29 per month with a 14-day free trial.

Sendible bulk composer window with a drop-down menu highlighting the option to import messages as scheduled

9. Keyhole

Keyhole provides you with data-backed suggestions to improve your Twitter strategy. It generates automated recommendations such as the best time to post and the optimal number of hashtags.

It automatically keeps track of your brand mentions across Twitter and uses AI to analyze sentiment. This helps you understand what people are saying and how they feel about your brand.

You can then use these insights to plan your Twitter publishing calendar and create scheduled Tweets. Keyhole will automatically send out your Tweets at the preset time so you never have to worry about forgetting to Tweet.

Keyhole offers five different levels of paid plans starting at $79 per month.

keyhole suggestions showing best time to post and optimal post length

10. SocialOomph

SocialOomph offers several features to help with Twitter automation. It automatically generates highly relevant content ideas from your RSS feeds so you never run out of ideas on what to Tweet. You can even use it to automatically create Tweets on any topic and in any tone that fits your brand voice.

One of the most interesting features of SocialOomph is the ability to create self-destructing posts. It lets you create Tweets that automatically disappear after a certain timeframe. So you won’t accidentally confuse your audience with outdated posts.

SocialOomph offers some basic scheduling features with its free account. Paid plans start at $15 per month.

socialoomph compose window with the option to select when to publish the tweet and when to self-destruct tweet

Experience growth with Twitter automation

To get more out of your Twitter automation efforts, it should go beyond basic publishing and scheduling. Make the most of Sprout’s tools to automate other aspects of your Twitter strategy such as analytics and engagement. Sign up for a 30-day free trial to see how it helps you automate your Twitter marketing.

Use of Twitter nomenclature across Sprout refers to newly rebranded X platform and related terminology.