More Visibility Across all of Your Scheduled Messages in Sprout Social

When it comes to business, social media is very much a team effort. That means several stakeholders are likely contributing content across a variety of social profiles that belong to your brand. In order to keep everything together—and ensure no one steps on anyone else’s toes—it’s important to have a comprehensive view of what everyone is doing.

Today, we’re excited to announce several improvements to Sprout’s scheduled messages view, which provide even more visibility into your scheduled content, giving you a clearer picture of all that is going on with your social profiles to avoid any duplicated efforts.

View Scheduled Messages for a Profile Across Groups

Scheduled content for the same profile is now visible across groups, regardless of who scheduled it.

For example, if a teammate schedules a message from group A for a profile that is also attached to group B, users in group B will see this message in group B’s scheduled messages view.

With this update, you can confidently grant publishing access for the same profile to users in two different groups without worrying about scheduling messages too closely together or publishing duplicate content.

Scheduled Messages in Sprout Now Group Agnostic

Filter Scheduled Messages by Profile

The scheduled messages view within Sprout’s Publishing tab now includes a Choose Profile filter. You can isolate and view scheduled messages for a specific profile or group of profiles by checking or unchecking the box next to the profile name. The “select” and “deselect” options allow you to quickly choose to view all or none.

By filtering the scheduled messages view by profile, you and your team can easily see all scheduled content or focus in on messages that are scheduled for specific functional or geographic profiles, such as a customer support Twitter handle or regional Facebook Page.

New Profile Picker in Scheduled Messages in Sprout Social

A Fresh Look for the Calendar

You’ll also notice that the Shared Content Calendar and right sidebar received a fresh new design. The functionality remains the same. Get a feel for how much (or how little) content your team has scheduled for the month and on specific days:

  • Green dots on the calendar indicate scheduled content for that date.
  • Click on any date to isolate and view only messages scheduled for that date.
  • Click any message to view message details and options for Edit, Delete or Send Message Now.
Improved Scheduled Messages Calendar in Sprout Social

Lastly, if you ever need a refresher, we’ve added a helpful in-app guide. Simply click the question mark icon in the top right corner of the content calendar. And as always, if you have any questions or feedback, give us a shout @SproutSocial.