LinkedIn continues to simplify and refine its products and is now alerting members of a new change that could affect Company Pages. Starting this month, the company will begin phasing out publisher pages on LinkedIn Today, and followers will be automatically migrated to the corresponding Company Page.

Launched in March 2012, LinkedIn Today is a content discovery tool that finds the headlines that are important to readers. Instead of aggregating content from all over the web, LinkedIn Today surfaces news being posted and shared by professionals inside LinkedIn’s network.

Unlike Company Pages, content shared on publisher pages is chosen and posted by LinkedIn’s employees. The company manages the entire process and curates publisher pages automatically. While this ensured that high quality content was being shared across LinkedIn Today, it left social media managers with zero control over what was shown.

The migration of followers will be seamless — no action is required on your end and your followers won’t notice anything. Additionally, you might see an increase in the number of followers on your Company Page. There will be no change to your page content, and people who used to follow a publisher page will now be able to engage with your company updates. That engagement, in turn, can be tracked through LinkedIn’s follower insights and analytics.

What’s not clear about the upcoming migration is whether it will result in admins being able to select which status updates and links are shared through LinkedIn Today, or if LinkedIn will continue to choose content on your behalf. Regardless, this move will give Company Pages more exposure.

[Via: The Next Web, Image credit: Elvert Barnes]