LinkedIn has launched a redesigned inbox to help its members manage and build their professional relationships. The inbox is one of the top five destinations on the social network, making it an important part of many business conversations. In fact, the inbox is often where new connections and conversations begin for business insights, partnerships, hiring, and new business.

With the launch of a new look, you’ll fine a cleaner and more streamlined design with larger pictures that make it easier to follow conversations. Additionally, LinkedIn has introduced a centralized navigation on the left side of the inbox and within each message to help you quickly move between messages and invitations.

You will also see a preview of each message when browsing through your inbox, making it easier for you to scan your messages and prioritize which to open first. This is especially helpful for community managers who monitor several different profiles.


In tandem with launching a revamped inbox, LinkedIn also released some best practices for writing effective messages. According to LinkedIn Career Expert Nicole Williams, following the first two tips alone can increase your likelihood of a response to your message by 50 percent.

The first tip is to mention people you know in common. “Referencing someone you both know in common can be a great way to break the ice and establish rapport.” It’s also recommended that you limit your message to 100 words or less. It’s also worth noting that short messages are easier to read on mobile devices.

You can read more tips from LinkedIn on its blog post. The redesigned inbox will become available over the next few weeks to English-speaking members. Members worldwide can expect to see the new inbox in the new year.

[Via: The Next Web, Image credit: Nan Palmero]