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How You Can Leverage Customer Reviews to Drive New Business


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Word of mouth marketing is quickly shifting towards online channels, which means your customer reviews have a bigger impact now than ever. A great review can make you, a bad review can break you, and no reviews at all can make you look a little sketchy.

Join Lee from ReviewPush as he explains the current value of online reviews and how they can be leveraged to attract new customers to your business. This webinar will also include a live demo of how Sun Tan City integrates customer reviews into their Sprout Social dashboard for more effective engagement.

Among many things, you will learn how to:

  • Leverage online reviews to attract customers.
  • IGet more customers to write you reviews.
  • Integrate customer reviews into your social strategy.

The Presenters

Andrew Caravella

VP of Strategy and Brand Engagement
Sprout Social

Andrew Caravella is Vice President of Strategy and Brand Engagement at Sprout Social. He likes being on airplanes, spinning to the beat at SoulCycle and Roger Federer. Find him on Twitter: @andrewcaravella

Lee McNiel

Founder & CEO

Lee McNiel is the Founder and CEO of ReviewPush, an online review management company that has been around for over four years and helps nearly 8,000 businesses manage their online reviews.