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How To Develop A Customer Care Strategy For Twitter

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Customer service is no longer limited to call centers, contact forms and other traditional touch points. Social media has revolutionized customer service, making it more immediate, simple and accessible.

Twitter, in particular, has a reputation for being one of the first places people go to seek service. According to Twitter, a whopping 80% of social customer care inquiries start on the platform (Source: Twitter Internal Data). To put it simply, you don’t want to skimp on customer service in the Twitterverse.

Opportunities for real-time engagement on Twitter allow brands to meet customers in the moment. However, a brand is not only defined by a few Tweets or fast customer service on Twitter, but by a focus on compelling customer care and the overall experience.

A customer care strategy isn’t just about solving problems and responding to messages. It’s also about building an emotional connection with your customers, empowering them and proactively meeting their needs. That way you can anticipate issues, build out customer care content and address customer questions before they’re even asked.

In this guide, we’ll walk readers through:

  • The distinctions between customer care and customer service on Twitter
  • The reasons Twitter uniquely supports customer care strategies
  • The risks of under-delivering on customer service on Twitter
  • Twitter customer service examples from top brands
  • And the necessary steps to create an effective customer care strategy for Twitter

Conversations, trends and customers move quickly on Twitter, but with a concrete customer care plan, you can stay ahead of the curve. Download this guide to start building your Twitter customer care strategy today.

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