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Streamline Your Workflow with the Smart Inbox

Streamline Your Workflow with the Smart Inbox

All Your Messages in One Place

Bring all your messages from your Twitter, Facebook, Google+ and Instagram profiles into a single stream.

Never Miss a Message or Mention

Enhance your social media monitoring with Brand Keywords that uncover valuable social engagement opportunities.

Powerful Filters to Stay Focused

Configure the Smart Inbox with profile, message type, keyword and date filters to quickly find what you need.

Stay Organized with Custom Tags

Create custom tags and apply them to incoming messages to better organize and report on social monitoring efforts.

Monitor Social Media Keyword Results

Monitor the Twitter Landscape

Discover what people are saying about you, your business, your products or any topic in real-time.

Monitor Instagram Hashtags

Find posts that include your brand or campaign specific hashtag to participate in the conversation.

Monitor Instagram Locations

Track posts with tagged geo-locations to find and engage with customers visiting your business.

Track Keyword Search Results in the Smart Inbox
Monitor Hashtags, Topics & Influencers on Twitter

Monitor Hashtags, Topics & Influencers on Twitter

Analyze Incoming Messages

The Trends Report displays the top hashtags, topics, brands and users mentioned with your profiles.

Uncover & Track Trends

Monitor customer issues, track hashtag and marketing campaigns or analyze feedback and brand sentiment.

Gather Contextual Insight

The interactive report charts relationships between hashtags and topics and surfaces trending Tweets.

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Access to rich social listening data through integrated analytics is a perfect complement to Sprout’s social media monitoring toolset.

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