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Sprout’s Facebook analytics tools use Facebook Insights data to create intuitive, beautifully designed reports that are easily exportable at no extra cost.

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Better Understand Your Facebook Impressions

Sprout’s Facebook analytics tools break down your Page impressions in a way that’s easy to understand.

Better Understand Your Facebook Impressions
  • Easily access total and average Page impressions by day of the week.
  • View impressions by post type and understand how they are being served.
  • Leverage impression data by location, age, and gender to better target future posts.

Make Sense of Your Page Growth

Measure fan growth and determine if it’s being influenced by content performance.

  • Track likes over time to identify peaks and valleys in fan growth.
  • See how fan growth may correlate with a rise or fall in stories created.
  • Determine the best day of the week to post by tracking when your fans tend to create stories.
Make Sense of Your Page Growth
Discover What Resonates with Your Fans

Discover What Resonates with Your Fans

Identify your best content and understand how it is being shared throughout the Facebook ecosystem.

  • View a snapshot of your content mix to see how often you’re sharing links, photos or videos.
  • Dig into post-level Facebook Insights—including likes, comments, shares, reach and engaged users.

Unlimited Presentation-Ready Reports

Sprout’s reports are designed to make Facebook analytics digestible and ready to present.

  • Customize reports with your own logo—a great tool for agencies managing multiple client accounts.
  • Export presentation-ready PDF reports or access the raw Facebook Insights data in CSV format.
Unlimited Facebook Analytics Unlimited Reporting

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